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Into the Badlands season finale ‘Hands of Five Poisons’ recap & review

Recap Sunny arrives at the River King’s fort carrying a bag of what looks to be a bloody head. He reveals the head, which is the young Colt who MK

Into the Badlands 1×05 ‘Snake Creeps Down’ review

This week’s episode was action packed for all the characters and introduced us to Lydia’s past as a preacher’s daughter. We also got to see the fight we’ve been waiting

Into the Badlands 1×04 ‘Two Tigers Subdue Dragons’ review

Tonight’s episode of Into the Badlands threw in so many twists and turns for all the characters. The tension has also turned up between the barons and their control for

Into the Badlands 1×03 ‘White Stork Spreads Wing’ review

Into the Badlands continues with the amazing fight choreography in this episode and it did not even have to include the main star, Daniel Wu. The last episode showcased The

‘Into the Badlands’ Daniel Wu celebrates Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday

In honor of AMC’s new martial arts show Into the Badlands and what would have been Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday, Daniel Wu left a message for fans everywhere on what

Into the Badlands beautifully revives the TV martial arts genre

AMC has been careful to pick original shows for their programming, especially with the success of The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad. With their new series Into the Badlands

AMC’s Into the Badlands has its own comic

Known for taking adaptations of television shows from comic books like The Walking Dead and Preacher, AMC has dome the reverse and had made their new television series Into the

The Walking Dead 90-minute episode and Preacher trailer premiere on November 1

November 1st is going to be a big day for AMC. Fans will be treated to an extended 90-minute episode for The Walking Dead, and they will get to see the trailer

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