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Interview: Shannon Kook on Dark Places, The Christmas Horror Story, and all things geeky

By Jes Vu Shannon Kook has made his career with iconic roles such as the openly gay football player Zane Park on Degrassi: The Next Generation, before venturing off to

SDCC 2014: Robot Chicken and Mr. Pickles production team interview

Robot Chicken has been on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim for quite some time, and we were extremely lucky to be able to speak with their production team at San Diego Comic-Con.

Geek musical duo: Debs & Errol

My friend emailed me a song I had to listen to. Thank goodness I did. Now, I have Disney’s Frozen parody song “Make it so” on my iPod. What is ‘Make

Artist Spotlight: Interview with Michael Jean-Francois

Today’s Artist Spotlight, we interview Michael Jean-Francois, a very talented artist. He loves to create different renditions of popular characters from video games, comics, and movies. I’ve also had the

MYTHBUSTERS’ Kari, Tory, & Grant Interview: Fan Questions Answered Busted!

Mythbusters November 2011 Interview with Tory, Grant and Kari. Pictures, details on the job, and ever more never before been told!

Interview with American Jpop Singer, Stephanie Yanez

California’s Jpop singer, Stephanie Yanez, has been in the local scene since 2004. She has been performing all over the US and Japan, bringing fans cute and catchy Jpop tunes

‘Talk To Me Jack Epps Jr’: Top Gun Film/Game Writer Interview

  Personal favorites (quotes) from the film or game? Can’t really tell you, Haha. But it is hard to say with all sincerity. I have not played the game long enough to

Resident Artist Brant Rotramel Interview Spills His Nerd Mojo All Over Us!

Nerd Reactor’s colleague Brant Rotramel was kind enough to sit down with us and spill his Nerd Mojo all over! Needless to say we were very excited.  Brant is a 26