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Interstellar- 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is the kind of film that one needs to watch multiple times in order to fully appreciate it. I’ve been told multiple times by multiple people that

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar coming soon to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

There’s quite a handful of films out there that 4K fans are patiently waiting for an Ultra HD rerelease. Some yearn for that adventurous archaeologist or for that trip to

Is the universe one massive cell? Plus, check out our new science show!

Have you ever contemplated the entire universe being one massive cell with endless walls and possibilities? It’s sort of a weird thought, I suppose. But let’s take all of these

Interstellar interview with Kip Thorne and Jonathan Nolan

Nerd Reactor had the chance to chat with Interstellar co-writer Jonathan Nolan and physicist Kip Thorne, the film’s science consultant, on the science of the film. We also asked them whether

Interstellar gets an Honest Trailer

The Honest Trailer guys are back, and this time they’re zeroing on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Everything gets made fun of including Matthew McConaughey’s attempt at saying words, dumbing down science, Hans

Interstellar Blu-ray review

Christopher Nolan’s science fiction film Interstellar wowed audiences with their dramatic storyline and realistic science approach last November. It has received many positive reviews from movie fans and science lovers

Interstellar gives us a bite-size science education!

With the anticipation of its Blu-ray release next Tuesday, Paramount Pictures has released a fun text-adventure game and a website that gives us a little lesson about the science behind Interstellar

Interstellar Text Adventure is out of this world

Of course the blockbuster film Interstellar is going to come out with a game! But, it’s not the type of game you’d expect. Paramount Pictures is bringing back classic computer

‘Interstellar’ Blu-ray Combo Pack, On Demand, and DVD coming out on March 31st, with tons of extras!

Paramount Pictures has announced the release of the Christopher Nolan’s hit film Interstellar on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand on March 31st. The Digital HD version will be released two weeks earlier on

Christopher Nolan’s love theme in Interstellar (comic)

If you haven’t seen Interstellar, you should know that love is an important theme in Christopher Nolan’s film. There’s a scene in the film where Anne Hathaway’s character was talking

Christopher Nolan says haters need to watch Interstellar again

Interstellar is a movie that has received mixed reviews (it’s more on the positive side). For the “haters” out there, one of the things they are picking at is how the time

Disney’s Big Hero 6 triumphs over Nolan’s Interstellar

This shouldn’t be surprising to many of you. Disney’s Big Hero 6 is the number one movie over the weekend, beating out Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Big Hero 6 made an

New Interstellar trailer spotted on interactive site

A new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is now online. It was released by Paramount Pictures and was located at the Earth’s International Space Station in the Space Hunt site. In addition

New posters for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is coming out in November, and now we have two new posters for the anticipated science fiction film. The first poster from Yahoo features Matthew McConaughey standing next

Third Interstellar trailer gives us more clues

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, but here’s the third trailer that might shed some more light on the subject. Earth is in really bad shape, with

First full ‘Interstellar’ trailer is out and it looks amazing

The first full trailer to Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is out and it provides more detail on the story than the teaser. The Earth is dying and the world is running

Interstellar remains a mystery until official trailer on May 16th

by Derek Mari It’s certainly refreshing to be enthralled by a movie before you even know what it’s really about. Viewers received their first look at the new Christopher Nolan

Interstellar teaser poster

Amongst the highly anticipated films this year is the Christopher Nolan-directed sci-fi/mystery Interstellar. The film stars Academy Award winners Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. Very little is known about the

30 films to look forward to in 2014

With everyone excited to watch the enormous blockbuster films of 2015, 2014 has its fair share of great films to look forward to as well. Here are 30 films, in

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar teaser trailer asks even more questions

Christopher Nolan is trolling his fans hard with his upcoming mystery movie, Interstellar. We have a vague synopsis, and now the debut of the teaser trailer for his first foray into

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