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Bryan Singer posts photo of Rami Malek from Freddie Mercury Biopic

One of the most surprising and powerful actors that sort of snuck up on audiences has got to be Rami Malek. From his roles in the HBO hit mini-series The

Popular exhibition ’29Rooms’ is coming to Los Angeles

Instagram lovers! Rejoice! After a successful run in New York City, the popular photogenic exhibition, 29Rooms, is coming to Los Angeles at the end of this year! The event, organized

New Photo of Pennywise the Clown in 2017’s ‘It’

Update: We have removed the image at the request of the studio. Design and makeup prosthetic designer Tom Woodruff has posted a picture of the upcoming It on his Instagram with

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ prequel releases new image

This seriously has to be the year of reboots and rebirths, as just last week we heard about the redux of Friday the 13th, and now, today, we got some news

Snoop Dogg says it like it is to Microsoft and EA: ‘Fix your s***!’

If you’re a Xbox One owner, you’re probably experiencing some sort of downtime on Xbox Live. Well, at least according to Snoop Dogg, the servers are down and he’s not

Instagram now supports landscape and portrait formats

It looks like Instagram is getting a new update and for the better! Instagram announced today they were going to support landscape and portrait formats on their popular social media

Hackers takes down Facebook and Instagram

People will be talking about this for weeks. Grandparents will tell their grandchildren the dark tale of the day a hacker group shut down Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM and Hipchat. The

Instagram is down. Everybody calm down!

Instagram appears to be currently down for the past 60 minutes (on and off) on Android, iPhone and web platform. You’ll notice the login box not loading and the 503/500 error

13 ridiculous uses of the hashtag #nerd on Instagram

There’s a problem with nerds. Not necessarily the people themselves (though that’s up for debate), but with the term nerd. Dictionary.com does not define the word necessarily in the most

New image from The Expendables 3 set – Arnold and Sly!

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Instagram is at it again! Arnold recently posted a photo of himself with The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes and the lead man himself – Sylvester Stallone. They

Yet another reason NOT to use Instagram

Instagram has been a staple for many a young phoneographer since its release in October of 2010. With a variety of interesting filters, borders, and blur options, it became the