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Shadow of the Colossus-inspired game hits Kickstarter

If there was ever a time to bang the Kickstarter drum for an independent video game, now is the time. Last year there was some Internet buzz over a reveal

Yooka-Laylee preview revealed

So about a year ago, the company PlayTonic Games unveiled their Kickstarter campaign to help fund a spiritual successor to the hugely popular Banjo-Kazooie series, Yooka-Laylee. Fast forward a year

3 live streams, 10 hours of gameplay and over 50 indie titles will be played this weekend

This Saturday will be a huge celebration of all things indie as OrbytPlay teams up with YouTube to celebrate more than over 50 indie titles by playing them for 10 hours on three

Binding of Issac to receive massive ‘AfterBirth’ update

The Binding of Issac: Rebirth, the game about a baby blob thing killing other blob things via Smash TV controls and style, is set to receive a massive update expansion

Indie Quickies: i saw her too, with lasers

By Patrick Walker i saw her too, with lasers Developer: KrangGAMES Newgrounds.com is an odd beast to me. Is it still relevant? I think it is. I have the same

I’ve got 5 Minutes: An Indie Game Experiment

By Patrick Walker I love Game Jolt. Why do I love Game Jolt? I’ve got 4 reasons: Almost all of the games are free All of the games are small

What is Subject 13?

French indie game publisher Microïds and Paul Cuisset are teaming up to bring you a new adventure game called, Subject 13. If you think you’ve heard the name Paul Cuisset, you’ve probably

Fez, Super Meat Boy and Braid super cheap on Steam until June 16th

Hey, do you like platformers? Do you like platformers that make you scratch your head in bewilderment, throw your TV out the window in frustration or make your jaw drop at

Humble Indie Bundle X – All the worth!

Who loves indie games? This guy! The Humble Indie Bundle X has been up for only 8 hours and has already reached over 230k bundles sold! This is a great

IndieCade 2013 Preview: Contrast of light and shadows

When IndieCade was announced there were a few games I planned on visiting right off the bat. Compulsions booth was one of them since they were demoing Contrast, a game

Indiecade 2013 – Grinsia taking JRPGs back to its 8-bit roots

Indiecade 2013 had tons of games to showcase and there were a few that got my attention. Nintendo had a strong presence at Indiecade with a nice shaded booth housing

Rogue Legacy, it’ll kick your ass! (Review)

Ever played a game and got frustrated because you couldn’t beat a certain boss or level, since your character wasn’t high enough of a level to do it? Wuss. Rogue

The Rise of the Kickstarter

It’s already 2013 and I’m still backed up on games. Yes I know this sounds like a personal problem, but there are a lot of new games constantly being released

The Binding of Issac expansion comes to Steam May 28

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXSRKzAzaQI[/youtube]   Hit indie game The Binding of Issac finally has a specific date set for its expansion, Wrath of the Lamb. Eager players can gobble up the offering when

Fireburst Concept Art

Back in April we covered a character trailer for an upcoming racing game titled Fireburst, and there hasn’t been too much information since. Just recently thanks to some friends at

Giveaway: Win an Auditorium PSP Game

Zoo games bring us the latest contest for all the nerds out there with Cipher Primes’ Auditorium for the PSP. We have 3 download codes for the PSP download of

IndiePub Wants Indie Developers to Thrive

For some time, Consoles and PC games have been the top sellers until the introduction of the XBLA, PSN, iTune App store, and smart phones. Indie games started to get