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IndieCade is moving from Culver City to USC

IndieCade has always been a way for small and independent developers to showcase their hard work in developing smaller titles that often get overlooked. The event has grown so much over the

New indie ‘Lost Soul Aside’ looks amazing

Lost Soul Aside is a fantasy-action game that looks to set the new standard for what Indie means. The 5-minute trailer below shows off everything we would expect out of

Dreambreak: Cyberpunk in Soviet Russia

Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction that has given us timeless classics like Blade Runner, Nueromancer, System Shock, and Flashback. That last entry is very important because despite it

8 sweet indie games featured at the Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo 2015

The International Gaming Development Association, or IGDA for short, has hosted for the second year in a row the Indie Arcade Gaming Expo. It’s a convention for local indie developers

Richard & Alice (PC review)

As heavy snow falls with no signs of stopping, people are left to fend for themselves as little to no help arrives. Richard & Alice: An Indie Adventure Game by

Cyber Heist: What a co-op game needs

Last weekend our podcast, Videogame BANG!, wanted to focus in on indie games. My co-host Aaron Carter came to the group with a list of winners from the Indie Games

‘Sir, You Are Being Hunted’: A new spin on the most dangerous game

You’ve been running for days across the English countryside. Tired and bedraggled, you make your way to what appears to be an abandoned farmhouse. Hopefully you can lie low, get

The Rise of the Kickstarter

It’s already 2013 and I’m still backed up on games. Yes I know this sounds like a personal problem, but there are a lot of new games constantly being released

Indie Games Winter Uprising: 14 Indie Games Coming at Ya!

Indie Games Winter Uprising is a developer-led promotion of fourteen indie games that are being released in the first week of December 2010 on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel.