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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Teaser Trailer and Poster Released

The upcoming Indiana Jones film will have Harrison Ford back as the whip-carrying adventurer. It was an emotional event when the actor was present during D23 Expo this year at

Indiana Jones 5 storyline should be a dark adventure

It’s been stated by Disney that Indiana Jones 5 is already on the pre-production slate and that David Koepp, who has worked with Steven Spielberg in the past, would be handling a

Indiana Jones 5 screenplay moving forward without Lucas

As we draw closer to the end of the year, it seems that all the big discussion films that have been announced earlier this year are starting to flesh themselves

Indiana Jones 5 won’t be out until at least 2 to 3 years

With Disney snatching up Lucasfilm, it had the rights to produce new Indiana Jones films. The thing the company didn’t have was the rights to distribute and market the films…until