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Deadpool leads the pack as most pirated film of 2016

This most pirated films of 2016 has been released by Bit Torrent courtesy of Torrent Freak. Most of the films included are what you would expect, a bunch of superhero and

‘Independence Day’ double feature coming to theaters on June 23rd

The War of ’96 is coming back to theaters. 20th Century Fox announced that Independence Day will be re-released in theaters as a double feature with the premiere of Independence

Ask a question to the cast of Independence Day 2 tonight

After wowing audiences worldwide with its incredible special effects and outstanding cast in the Independence Day film, 20th Century Fox is finally giving people what they’ve wanted for almost twenty

Jeff Goldblum reprises his role in Independence Day 2

Independence Day 2 is currently in production, and producer Dean Devlin has shared on his Instagram a pic of himself and Jeff Goldblum on the movie’s set. The actor will

Brent Spiner to return in Independence Day 2

Independence Day is getting a sequel, and Roland Emmerich is back to direct. One of my favorite characters in the first film is Brent Spiner as the crazy scientist, Dr.

Independence Day 2 is officially happening

Director Roland Emmerich had already stated that he is working on a sequel to Independence Day, an alien invasion movie starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park). Now we’re one

Cute pug puppies parody Independence Day

I’d like to think that Independence Day was a pioneer of the blockbusters having big action set pieces and explosions involving the end of the Earth (Transformers series, The Avengers). Now the

Independence Day sequels to be titled ID Forever Part One and Two

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard news that there would be another Independence Day film. The main issue that had been evident for quite a while was the