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Doom is coming to E3 2015

The time of games is upon us. With E3 2015 quickly approaching on June 14th, we’re seeing short previews of hyped titles for release in the next year. One such

Bank Raiding for Plutonium. Just Another Day in RAGE – Video

It’s Friday, and it’s time for your weekly dose of RAGE. Where are we heading out to today? It’s an old bank vault that contains plutonium and Feltrite. It’s not

Prey 2’s Cinematic Trailer Places Us in the Boots of a Futuristic Bounty Hunter

Prey 2’s story is a bit of a mystery, but what we do know is that gamers will be playing as a human named Killian that has been stranded on

Watch RAGE’s Mutant-Infested Well Get Cleaned Out

This brand new official gameplay trailer for RAGE is thus far, the best one to accurately portray the kind of experience you’ll have when you impatiently rip open that plastic

PC’s RAGE Comes with Modding and Level-Design Tools

Yes, there’s more RAGE news today, and this time it’s about modding! Sweet! When arguing about PC vs Console, people too often talk about how much better the graphics are.

RAGE’s Shrouded Trailer has a Stomping Spider-Bot

In this latest trailer for RAGE, we’re taken on an actual mission to the bunker of a clan called the Shrouded. It looks as though many missions will have you

‘Dead City’ Trailer Proves Rage is a Shooter at Heart

Long-time gamers may be thinking, “Well, it’s from id, of course it’s a shooter”, but I didn’t expect as much action as you’ll see in this trailer. I thought perhaps

Expel Some RAGE with this New Weapons Trailer

Id’s Rage is back, and it’s packing some heat in this new weapons trailer. What good is a post-apocalyptic world if you can’t shoot at the things that inhabit it

Action-Packed “Rage” Trailer – From Doom Creators

No, that is not a picture of your road-trip to the Grand Canyon; It’s a video game called “Rage” from id software. Consider it a more evolved version of Fallout