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Doom finally gets deathmatch

In a move to correct the dubious decision of not having it originally included in the reboot of the game that MADE it popular in the first place, id Software

Quake: Champions gameplay footage released

After a lull in news regarding Quake: Champions since its reveal at E3, id Software has finally released gameplay footage from the new arena shooter highlighting some of the locales

Quake: Champions dishes on character abilities

For the first time since its reveal back in June at E3, id Software has released new info on Quake Champions. This one specifically shows and explains the special abilities

E3: Quake Champions, back to the arena

Bethesda had its showcase today and one of the highlight reels was the reveal of a new entry in the Quake franchise which has lain fallow since 2010 with the

Chance to save 25% on DOOM 4

The launch date for DOOM 4 is just around the corner and for those of you who haven’t pre-ordered DOOM 4 yet, your dedication/procrastination/absent-mindedness has paid off. The website Dealzon

PC requirements for Bethesda’s DOOM and install size for all systems

Prepare to fight through hordes of demons in Bethesda Software’s upcoming DOOM game coming rnext week on May 13th. While Bethesda has uploaded the launch trailer for the game, it has

Collector’s Edition of Doom comes with the Doom Skeletal Revenant!

If you’ve been gaming as long as I have, you should probably know of the game called Doom. This was one of the very first games that pioneered the FPS genre for

Wolfenstein: The New Order – First impressions

Nerd Reactor’s Chris and I were invited to try out the new Wolfenstein: The New Order, the franchise that paved the way for first-person shooters. Loaded onto a vacant console, I

Punch your ticket to hell – Doom BFG Edition is coming!

One of the best FPS games of all time is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Bethsda Softworks and id Software have announced the Doom 3 BFG Edition will

First Video of RAGE’s Co-op Gameplay

RAGE is coming out very soon (October 4th) for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and so I’m sure anyone who’s ready to plunk down their $60 wants to know everything

An Out-RAGE-Ously Good Game – Hands-On with RAGE

Only taking a cursory glance at RAGE will result in the impression that it is merely a prettied-up clone of Fallout 3. While RAGE and Fallout 3 are thematically similar,