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Hyperkin is giving the Atari 2600 new life with the Retron 77

Hyperkin is giving the Atari 2600 a new lease on life with the Retron 77. It supports all Atari 2600 cartridges, and more importantly, it lets you play them on

Turn your Android smartphone into a Gameboy with Smartboy

While Hyperkin is best known for their retro console releases such as the Retron 5 and the Supaboy, it will be adding a portable Gameboy system to that list, well sort

RetroN 5, the 9-in-1 retro console, is coming June 6th

The RetroN 5 was supposed to be released last year, but due to some hiccups, it was pushed back until 2014. Now Hyperkin is ready to announce that the 9-in-1 retro console

The all-in-one retro gaming console, RetroN 5, delayed until 2014

As a fan of classic gaming, I was looking forward to the RetroN 5 being released this year in December. The all-in-one retro gaming console will be able to play

The Retron 5, an emulation dream machine?

While the annual trek to the video gaming mecca known as E3 is usually associated with new games, there are instances in which old games make an appearance. Having four

AK Striker for PS3 Review

I remember when I used to have summer school. I would always walk past an arcade to and from school. And every day after school, you could find me sinking

Retron 3 review – 8-bit and 16-bit games meet present technology

I grew up with the classic 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. At a young age, my parents bought me a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). A few years later I was rewarded