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Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 opening night experience

Last night, Nerd Reactor’s John and I had the opportunity to make it out to the opening night of Knott’s Scary Farm. The opening night had so many activities to

Remember to bring your sports cup to this martial arts demonstration

LiveLeak posted a new video a few days ago titled “The best kick in martial arts,” where in it two men, seemingly portraying Street Fighter characters Ken and Ryu, demonstrate

The 11 best responses: Remove one letter from a game title, what’s the new plot?

A most spectacular event happened under the radar about two weeks ago, and we’ve been watching it every day since its inception. Reddit user FlamingBagOnDoorstep posted to self.AskReddit: Remove one

‘Welcome To Youtube!’ – Sarcasm ahoy!

You know that one thing that everyone thinks but no one else says? Like how Family Guy is actually a pretty decent show save for some skits, or how Attack

‘Ragnarok’ a review of John Hodgman’s apocalyptic stage show

Last week Netlfix experienced¬†‘the end of the world’. No, the video service didn’t reach a bitter and inevitable end at the talons of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered Aztec serpent god. Instead,