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How I Met Your Mother alternate ending

For those who thought the series finale of How I Met Your Mother was an early April Fools’ joke to all its loyal watchers, here comes some (potentially) great news.

How I Met Your Mother: How it should had ended

*Post contains spoilers (if you didn’t watch the finale)* I know a lot of people were upset with How I Met Your Mother’s series finale. I, too, was one of

How I Met Your Mother series finale review

*Warning: Contains spoilers if you have not seen the finale* Thank you How I Met Your Mother for the memories and the storylines. You’ve made me laugh. You’ve made me

How I dealt with the end of How I Met Your Mother

It’s rare that a show can wring nine seasons and over 200 episodes out of a premise that, at first glance, feels like it was found scrawled on the back