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Little Mac K.O.s Mike Tyson on a pink ‘hoverboard’

In what has quickly become the feel good story of 2015, a video had surfaced online of former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson riding and subsequently falling off of a

New ‘Hoverboard’ laws to take effect in 2016 including wearing helmet

First it was the registration of drones, then it was people falling off “Hoverboards”/Balance Wheels, and now it’s new laws and restrictions taking into effect on January 1st, 2016. That’s

Exploding Hoverboards and why

There are two technologies that have consumers buzzing. Drones and Hoverboards. Of the two, drones are easily identifiable as they are understood to be unmanned aerial units. The ambiguous one

Build your own hoverboard from Back to the Future

Check out the new episode of the DIY Prop Shop presented by Break on building your very own hoverboard from Back to the Future II. The episode is hosted by Dustin

We’re one step closer to a real Back to the Future hoverboard

There are many of you out there who wanted an actual working hoverboard when you first saw Marty McFly ride on one in Back to the Future II. The future