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Spoiler-free predictions for House of Cards Season 5

Possibly more important than the start of the Fall television season is the new season that has made its presence felt in recent years: The Netflix summer binge season. And

Frank Underwood knows what’s best in season 5 official trailer of House of Cards

After an insanely powerful season four last year, the time is upon us to see what Frank and Claire have in store for the American people in the next chapter of Netflix’s

Kevin Spacey and Charlie Cox interview each other on Daredevil and House of Cards

Here’s a fun interview Netflix did featuring Kevin Spacey and Charlie Cox interviewing each other on Daredevil and House of Cards. Charlie Cox talks about a favorite scene in Daredevil

Sesame Street parodies ‘House of Cards’ with ‘House of Bricks’

Wow, Sesame Street is being edgy! First, they created a parody of Birdman using Big Bird and his creator Carol Spinney. Now, it seems they have taken a piece out

Star Wars meets the runway, TWC and Comcast hooked up, and more to know this week

Looks like money can buy love and it can happen for brands as well this Valentine’s Day. Comcast purchased Time Warner Cable for over $45 million, combining the two largest cable