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Silent Hill HD Collection delayed, now we get 3 straight weeks of Silent Hill goodness

The horror of Silent Hill is almost upon us. The original date of The Silent Hill HD Collection has changed from March 6th, 2012, to March 20th, placing it right

Don’t Go In The Woods Review

 There are two types of horror movies that are equally entertaining for different reasons: those that make you pee your pants with terror and those that make you pee your

What if Duck Hunt Was a Horror Movie?

Ever wondered what it would be like if Duck Hunt, the NES Zapper game, was a horror movie? Wonder no more. G4 has released a short horror movie, “The Hunt”,

Friday The 13TH – The Ultimate Collection Preview, Review, Video, & More!

Friday The 13th – The Ultimate Collection Preview, Review, Video, & More!

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Mazes, Scare Zones & Screams Video!

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2011 is back and ready to kill! Review, video, and more!

Friday the 13th Ultimate Collection Slashes Its Way to Shelves in October!

That’s right a definitive collection of all eight Friday The 13th films! Not only that but you get a replica mask, a hard bound book, and a pair of 3D

Konami suite at Comic-Con

10am in the morning was my start for Day 2 at Comic-con and it all started with Konami. It seemed they rented out a restaurant and turned it into a

Deadlands Comic to Hit Bookselves in June

This June a new wild weird west comic by Image Comics will be making its way to the bookselves based on the role playing world of ‘Deadlands’.  The world of ‘Deadlands’ combines

SAW Director Teams up with PARANOMAL ACTIVITY Producers for Insidious

The original director and creator of SAW, James Wan, has teamed up with the producers behind last summer’s horror blockbuster PARANORMAL ACTIVITY for his new film Insidious. Insidious follows a