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Homefront Videogame Predicts Kim Jong-il’s Death

At the age of 69, Kim Jong-il died of heart failure on a train ride this past Saturday. With news of his death announced today, many were happy to celebrate.

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Episode #4 “Our Best One Yet?”

Things get awkward when we start talking about the Xperia Play’s gingerbread OS and whether or not it comes with frosting. Also, Narvin gets a little too into a talk

Will You Have to Pay for the Rest of the Story in the Upcoming Homefront DLC?

In our recent review of Homefront, we unanimously agreed that the Single Player was a huge letdown for being so short. The game offered a unique take on the genre

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Homefront Review

Bursting into the First Person Shooter scene is Homefront, the game that puts you in the frontlines of the now Korean occupied America. While the game puts a unique twist

Things Are Stilll Not Looking Good for ‘Homefront’ with Faulty Patches

So Kaos Studios is indeed in Kaos because of a new patch for Homefront was released. It was suppose to fix freezes and issues with the PS3 version, but is

Homefront Multiplayer Servers Fail to Meet Online Demands

While the game has been receiving rave reviews in the media, there have been some major technical difficulties with the online multiplayer. On the day of the launch, many fans

New Releases Tuesday: The Koreans Are Attacking

It’s Tuesday, March 15, 2011, and we have some new releases today for the video game and home movie market, including the controversial Homefront game. Out on Blu-ray and DVD

Homefront Launch Trailer – Defend America From North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong-Un, is the leader of North Korea in this fictional story from Homefront. North Korea invades, and with how crazy North Korea is, I’m sure

Can Homefront’s Multiplayer Sway You Away From Your Duty?

A new video of Homefront’s multiplayer is out, but does it seem a little too familiar? There are remote-controlled vehicles (including a flying one though), all of the feedback you

San Francisco ‘Defend Your Homefront’ Rally

  THQ has confirmed details of a FAKE (and I repeat) FAKE anti-North Korean protest ahead of the release of first-person shooter Homefront in a couple of weeks. The, “Defend

Homefront Multiplayer Trailer that Leaves You Screaming for More

THQ has released an insane trailer for the upcoming FPS Homefront. The trailer has actual in-game footage from a 32-player match. Homefront takes place in the year 2027 with North