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Geeky Jerseys announces Galactic Cup Playoffs Contest

As most hockey fans are glued to their computer and television sets watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, there’s another set of playoffs happening in a galaxy far, far away. Amongst

NHL logos get the ‘Puckmon’ treatment

  Now that you’ve recovered from that horrible pun, check out this incredible NHL/Pokemon artwork by Behance user Benjamagnus.      While Blastoise and Slow King du- I mean, the New

Sports and Geekery Collide! Interview with Geeky Jerseys!

As the Stanley Cup Playoffs series between the LA Kings and Chicago Blackhawks reaches a boiling point, us fans of non-playoff or eliminated teams will have to get our hockey fix

Use the Force! Bauer Hockey unveils five ‘Star Wars’ themed masks

A long time ago, on an ice rink far, far away… err or something like that. With the internet abuzz with news concerning the new Star Wars movie and ongoing