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Arrow’s Manu Bennett arrested during convention

KENS 5 News is reporting that Manu Bennett has been arrested and was charged for misdemeanor assault. He was in San Antonio for the Alamo City Comic Con when the

The Hobbit fan-made director’s cut

As many people would agree, The Hobbit film trilogy didn’t need to be a trilogy. Like (insert something fluffed up), it’s full of filler and unneeded garbage to the point

Willie Nelson auditions for the role of Gandalf in Hobbit 2

“You shall not pass…an unlit joint, man.” Tomorrow is Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday, and here’s a nice audition reel of the American icon as Gandalf for the upcoming Hobbit: The

Tron Uprising Press Day: Interview with Elijah Woods about Tron and The Hobbit

Nerd Reactor had a chance to attend a Special Tron Uprising event in celebration of the new Disney XD Show. The show features voices from Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Bruce