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Audio-Technica ATH-G1 Gaming Headset Review

Audio-Technica is known for its music headsets and turntables, but it has been entering the gaming headset space. There’s the Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL wireless, which is perfect for PC gamers. Then

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero PC Gaming Headset review

Turtle Beach specializes in gaming headsets, and they cater to all types of players whether they play on a console or PC. With PC gamers, they’re used to having all

Poly’s RIG 500 Pro eSports Edition is Dolby Atmos certified (review)

Poly, formerly known as Plantronics, has been around for a long time. They have made headphones and earphones of all kinds, from enterprise to casual everyday use. It’s definitely one

Sound BlasterX H6 Review: Punching above its weight

Sound BlasterX is a go-to for many gamers. From headsets to soundcards, they’ve just about had it all. The item in question today is the H6 gaming headset with 7.1

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 is a pro gaming headset compatible with Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch emphasizing hardcore on-the-go gaming, it’s only appropriate that it gets a headset to go along with that theme. Fortunately, the folk over at SteelSeries has this

Fnatic Duel TMA-2 headset review

If you haven’t heard of Fnatic, here’s a little tidbit about the company: It’s very popular in the world of professional competitive gaming. It boasts a lot of PC gaming accessories

Logitech’s Prodigy peripherals target casual gamers

With the rise of eSports and competitive online gaming in the past few years, the major gaming peripheral manufacturers have been in an arms race of creating the best keyboards,

Razer’s Black Friday deals for 2015

Razer products belong firmly within the top-rated peripherals for PC gamers through years of quality and engineering. While retaining quality also means a higher price point, I’m happy to say that

CES 2015: Wicked Audio – Revolt

Among the various headphones that Wicked Audio had available, the one focus that was brought to my attention was the Revolt. Coming out in spring of 2015, the Revolt is

Gamdias – New PC gaming peripherals from Taiwan look pretty sweet

  So, I checked my e-mail a few minutes ago. GAMDIAS (GAM, standing for Gaming Art in Motion and DIAS meaning God) is coming on the scene with products distinctive of

MuseMini UberBuds Review

MuseMini has been around since 2010 and has created a variety of sound products that can be utilized with any piece of tech as long as it has Bluetooth technology.

Review: The Steelseries Siberia Elite gaming headset – Nerd Reactor’s Headset of The Year

“It’s rare to discover a product that just does everything right, and then some.” The Sibera Elite earned its title. Steelseries has been emerging throughout E-sports as the titan of peripherals,

Gioteck gaming peripherals: New line for Autumn 2013

Gioteck isn’t a name I’ve heard thrown around too often in the U.S. gaming scene. This UK-based peripherals designer has been around since 2007 and is part of Goodbetterbest Ltd.

Steelseries: Siberia Elite (White) available for pre-order

  Still need a good headset? Willing to wait a bit? Well *Professor Farnsworth Voice* “Good news, everyone.” For once, this is actually good news which doesn’t involve interplanetary travel to

Nerdy Deal of The Day: Steelseries Golden Opportunity ($160 for Keyboard/Headset)

A good, functional, resilient keyboard is a must have for any competitive PC gamer. Mechanical keyboards have been taking the scene by storm one house at a time. Of course

Nerdy Deal Of The Day: The Plantronics Commander 50% off! ($149.99)

Currently on sale at Newegg.com for $149.99 Retail: $299.99 Being the official headset of LCS, the Plantronics Commander is at the top of the Christmas list for any League of

Review: The Plantronics Rig

Taking calls without having to stop your game is a lifesaver. Most headsets these days follow a very safe yet boring formula. We’ve seen a few here and there pioneer

GamesterGear’s Cruiser P3210 Headset Review

So you want to get a headset for your PS3 and/or PC, but you don’t want to blow $150+ on a premium headset? You also don’t want to waste $50

SteelSeries introduces the Siberia Elite headset

“Give me Dolby 7.1,” I pleaded and begged for years with Steelseries. “Soon” was their answer. Well soon has arrived. Roll out the red carpets for the new age of

G430 7.1 Logitech Surround Sound Gaming Headset review

Logitech spans in a large variety appliances from gaming mice, keyboards, controllers, and headsets. I have to say, there aren’t too many gaming headsets that completely blow me away, but

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