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Game of Thrones end-of-the-year marathon

HBO is having a marathon. You know, the good kind of marathon where you can barely move from your couch. HBO will air the entire series of Game of Thrones

Missed the pilot episode of Westworld? See it for free!

This past Sunday, we got a glimpse into what HBO has in store for the future of Western’s in television. From the opening credits to the cryptic ending, the pilot

Game of Throne’s Hodor doorstop being funded on Kickstarter

Spoilers ahead: Recently, Game of Thrones lost one of its most beloved characters in the last few minutes of the fifth episode of the season titled, The Door. In a

HBO Go finally available on PS4

Almost exactly a year ago, HBO Go was made available for PS3. What about the PS4 support? It was revealed to be released later, but we didn’t know when later

George R.R. Martin wants more Game of Thrones episodes

George R. R. Martin, the writer of the popular book A Song of Fire and Ice (which Game of Thrones is based on), has said that he wants more episodes aired, and

HBO programming coming to Amazon Prime and Fire TV

Well this is a shocker. Amazon just announced today that it has signed a deal with HBO to offer their programming on Amazon Prime and Fire TV. The reason why

Jose’s Top 5 Addicting TV Shows to Stream

As the year ends, many people are doing their Top 10 best/worst lists, which I find too cliched. I decided to do the “Top 5 Addicting TV Shows to Stream”.

All 4 Jaws films are now available on HBO GO!

For the past couple months now, I have been enjoying all the features HBO GO has to offer. With HBO GO, I was able to quickly marathon my way through