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Hatred (PC review)

Have you ever wanted to be the villain to the point where there is no reasoning to your madness? Where the only one is to cause chaos anywhere you go? Destructive

Hatred and other adult only games banned from Twitch

Twitch is getting more strict on what can and can’t be played on the popular video game streaming service. Now it has forbidden gamers to stream adult only games (based on

Controversial killing game, Hatred, comes June 1

Who’s ready to get angry at humanity? Hatred is. Destructive Creations, the game’s developer, has announced that the controversial mass murdering game will be coming out on June 1, 2015,

Hatred, the controversial killing game, is now available for pre-order

Hatred is a very controversial mass-murdering game that has received a lot of negative press. Steam originally banned the game from being a part of Steam Greenlight, but Gabe Newell quickly

Developer of controversial killing game responds to Steam ban

Steam Greenlight gives independent developers a better chance at getting their games made. Hatred is a controversial video game featuring a lot of killing, similar to Postal. Now what would