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Cortana to be in Halo 5?

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t played Halo 4, then look away, since this is spoiler territory. Halo 4 had one of the most emotional moments in the video game series’ history.

Halo: Nightfall heads to Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on March 17

Halo: Nightfall was a live-action series based on the world of Halo. The only way you can watch it was to own the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which gave

Ridley Scott’s Halo: Nightfall gets a trailer

Halo will be getting a live-action series from Steven Spielberg in the future, but before that comes out, we’ll be getting Halo: Nightfall, a digital mini-series being written by Prison Break

Ridley Scott’s Halo: Nightfall series gets a trailer

Check out the debut trailer for Halo: Nightfall, the live-action digital series that leads up to the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians video game by Microsoft and 343 Industries. Ridley Scott is the