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What to expect from Knott’s Scary Farm 2014

It’s almost that time again when Knott’s Scary Farm haunts the Orange County amusement park. The biggest announcements is Special Ops: Infected, where guests will be able to shoot zombies in

ScareLA is coming and we have your promo code!

Halloween may be months away, but to the true Halloween and horror fans it’s a year round event! Thanks to ScareLA, horror is coming to L.A. in August! On August

NBC’s Constantine pushed back

NBC has released the fall line-up, and Constantine has been pushed back until October 24th. That is the same night Grimm will be going back to its lineup. No reason was

Experiencing the music of Danny Elfman

I’ll admit this right now: I’m probably one of the most uncultured people on the NR staff. Fancy occasions like orchestral concerts generally aren’t my thing. I mean, I play

Halloween: The naughty ladies of horror films

Halloween is approaching… and that means a slew of Horror movies are about to bombard us with promises of epic carnage. “Sluts” have got a bad rap in Horror films.

Steam Halloween Sale, your wallet must be terrified

At least it isn’t pumpkin spiced. While most Halloween sales include either stale candy or aromatherapy candles (which you’ve been forced to endure for the entirety of October), the highly

13 nights of Halloween: GrimbRo’s The villains of ‘Scooby Doo’

While most horror fans often site the Universal Monster films as their gateway into the genre, I think most of us could trace our love for horror back to a

Top 15 horror films streaming on Netflix right now!

Halloween is coming up and you can expect to attend or host at least one horror movie night this season. It’s understandable to be lost in the sea of horror

‘Leave this book alone’: Ancient tomes from the Cthulhu Mythos

If you’ve heard of H.P. Lovecraft, you’ve likely heard of “Call of the Cthulhu”, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” and “The Dunwich Horror”. As I’ve mentioned previously, Lovecraft is experiencing quite

The Purge Review – A theatrical and interactive Halloween maze

Halloween has changed a lot throughout the years, especially when it pertains to entertainment venues that are used to scare the crap out of us. In fact there are A

Top 10 Supernatural Episodes (Seasons 1-5)

When I first started watching Supernatural, I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed it. On a network known for peddling teen soap operas, I was impressed that they

Watch Frederico D’Alessandro’s brilliant ‘Halloween’ pitch video

These days it’s not uncommon to see fan films and pitch videos surface for projects director’s want to take on. Pitch videos can give examples to studios not just of

The macabre illustrations of Bernie Wrightson

If you’re familiar with the world of illustration, you’re likely familiar with artist Bernie Wrightson. Even if you haven’t heard his name, you’ve certainly seen his work in comics books,

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Review: Nautical Spooks

The Queen Mary stands as a testament to ship building technology. A marvel of the early 20th century, the exotic cruise liner played host to a number of celebrities and

Haunted Hollywood Sports Event Preview (Bellflower, CA)

It was a bit of a nostalgia rush to return to Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA, where I had previously worked as a paintball referee years back when I

Halloween Haunt heads to Knott’s Scary Farm starting today, September 26th

Halloween is coming up next month, but that’s not stopping the many Halloween attractions from starting very soon. Halloween Haunt at Knott’s Scary Farm (Buena Park, CA) is considered the

The Dark Harbor returns to Long Beach next week

Those that know me know that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Sure, Christmas has gifts handed down by a jolly old fat man, Thanksgiving has all the

Blackout Haunted House returns to Los Angeles and New York

I’ve heard many scary stories about the Blackout Haunted House. What this attraction does best, is that it forces you to go in alone by yourself. You won’t have any

Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash: Do you have an epic costume?

The Hub Network, which features shows for kids and families like My Little Pony, Transformers, and Pound Puppies, are throwing an their First Annual Halloween Bash on October 26th, 2013.

Hub Network Press Tour 2013: New shows!

Nerd Reactor was present at the Hub Network Press Tour for their new Fall shows Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, Spooksville and the Hub Network’s First Annual Halloween Bash.