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Halloween Ends Review – A Disappointing Finale to a Beloved Franchise

Halloween Ends is, simply put, a complete and utter disaster. With the filmmakers continuing to provide real-world meaning into the film, this time around, there isn’t a huge body count to

Halloween Ends Director on New Tone and Narrative Themes for Laurie and Michael Myers’ Final Showdown

Halloween Ends is the final showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, and director David Gordon Green is back in the director’s chair as he finishes this chapter in the

Jamie Lee Curtis says ‘Fans Are Going to Lose Their ****ing Minds’ with Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends is coming to theaters and streaming next month, and this week has been a busy week for the upcoming slasher film. The final trailer and a new featurette

Jamie Lee Curtis Takes Us Down Memory Lane with New Halloween Ends Featurette

Halloween Ends is advertised as Jamie Lee Curtis’ last time as Laurie Strode, and today, a new featurette “The Final Reckoning” was released. In the video, Curtis takes fans down

Halloween Ends Coming to Theaters and Peacock on Same Day – When’s the Release Date?

Halloween Ends is the final film in the new trilogy with David Gordon Green back as the director and Danny McBride as the co-writer. Also returning is Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers will battle two more times with Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends

Last October, Halloween was released to both critical and box office success. The film became the highest-grossing Halloween film ever with a $255 million worldwide total. So it’s a no-brainer