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Watch Guile in action in new Street Fighter V trailer

Following last month’s release of Alex, Guile will be the second DLC character added to the roster of Street Fighter V. Over the last few days, Capcom has revealed more

Street Fighter V video shows off Guile’s huge guns and Critical Arts

Guile, your Sonic Boom is fierce. How can Street Fighter V improve on that? How about having your already huge arms collect energy until it gets bigger. Once it’s fully

Street Fighter V Guile screenshots released

While the launch of Street Fighter V was met with some criticism due to a somewhat shallow roster and lack of features, Capcom is slowly getting caught up by way

The a cappella Guile theme song goes with everything

Guile’s theme song goes with everything. But you know what makes a Guile theme song even sweeter? An a cappella version. The guys over at Geekapella has decided to create