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Has Red Dead Redemption 2 pushed GTA Online into the backseat?

By Arthur Watson Fans of legendary developer Rockstar Games have been mulling over how the impending launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 will affect the amount of attention being given

Rockstar creating the next model for MMOs?

With all the rumors surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2, I can’t help but wonder what’s true and what’s false. Rockstar has done great things with GTA Online and has basically created

Rockstar releases information on its GTA Online annual Festive Surprise

The past two years Rockstar Games have gifted GTA Online users with new clothes, weapons, and vehicles; and this year is no different. Today we learned that Rockstar has given

Rockstar gives us more free GTA Online DLC with Ill-gotten Gains: Part 1

If you haven’t picked up GTA V for next gen consoles yet, you need to do it right now. Well actually, I’d prefer you do it after you read this.

GTA Online Heists coming in March, PC version delayed again

Gamers who have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online with their friends frequently have been waiting impatiently for the upcoming free DLC, Online Heists. It’s taken Rockstar a long time to make

Play GTA Online this weekend and get double GTA$ & RP

It’s the weekend of the New Year, and Rockstar Games is feeling very generous. If you play GTA Online this weekend (Friday, Jan 2nd through Monday, Jan 5th), you’ll be getting

GTA Online will feature snowball fights and ugly Christmas sweaters

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and a lot of video games have been taking advantage of the season. Now Rockstar is inviting gamers to join in on the

Grand Theft Auto V gets an Online Heists trailer

It was recently leaked that the new DLC for Grand Theft Auto V would include new missions, weapons and clothing for GTA Online. Now check out the new trailer showing

Grand Theft Auto gives you The Business

Still running strong, the guys at Rockstar keep pumping out the content for Grand theft Auto V with The Business Update. Releasing March 4th, so soon after the Valentines Day

GTA Online stimulus package still pending

When Rockstar Games announced that GTA Online players would be getting the stimulus package, I and many others were very excited to receive free GTA$ in the online world of

Rockstar to give $500,000 to GTA Online players…I’m rich, beeyootch!

GTA Online is one of the roughest and most problematic launch in online video game history. Rockstar Games was not able to handle the amount of users playing online, and

PS3 gets a patch for GTA Online, Xbox 360 still waiting

Grand Theft Auto V made over a billion dollars. Let’s assume that everybody purchased the regular version, that would mean we would have over 16 million players worldwide causing havoc

GTA Online is currently having issues

Grand Theft Auto V was released in September, but Rockstar Games wanted to take its time when launching the online version, GTA Online. Well, it has launched today and was