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What Groot said to Rocket at the end of Avengers: Infinity War

Spoilers! If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War by now, you should probably stop reading this. The film was the darkest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having more characters die

The first Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer is here!

It looks like the first official teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. has been released by James Gunn at Comic-Con Brazil. In the trailer we get to see

Director James Gunn addresses baby Groot’s voice in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The second movie in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is one of the most anticipated films of the next few years. Naturally, there are a lot of questions about the

Guardians of the Galaxy had an extremely positive effect on a disabled child

Guardians of the Galaxy was released in theaters last year, and no one expected it to become the huge blockbuster hit that it is now. Director James Gunn took a

Guardians of the Galaxy cocktails

Some are hooked on a feeling, some are high on believing… Me, I just like booze. I am working on seeing someone about it… BUT until then we found something

More Groot for comic book fans

Chris Pratt was not the only breakout star of last year’s blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy. That title also goes to his stoic and mostly silent co-star, Groot. And now,

Joss Whedon tells us why Ant-Man won’t be in the next Avengers

For a lot of us comic book geeks, we know how important it is to follow the base storyline of our favorite superheroes. However in the case of Ant-Man, things

Baby Groot gets an accurate Hot Toy 1/4th collectible

Baby Groot is probably one of the most requested by fans to be turned into a collectible. Funko is working on one, but now we have Hot Toys joining. The company

Making the Guardians of the Galaxy Groot swing set

Check out the premiere episode for Super Fan Builds, a new series from AWE Me Channel, the channel behind Man at Arms. In this episode, we get to see Tim Baker Creations

Watch Groot say ‘I Am Groot’ in 15 different languages

Vin Diesel recorded “I Am Groot” in many different languages, and now Disney has released the featurette video that will be included in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray. Check

Grootorial: Make your own crochet potted baby Groot

While you are patiently waiting for your Dancing Baby Groot toy to arrive at your doorstep, this cutesy DIY crochet puppet should hold you over. San Francisco-based crochet designer Twinkie

Official Dancing Groot toy is finally coming!

If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy, this may be a potential spoiler. Guardians of the Galaxy is killing at the box office and doing great with fans and

So Groot, Hodor and Chewbacca walk into a bar (comic)

You don’t have to be a fast-talking character to be a likable. Just look at Game of Thrones‘ Hodor, Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Groot and Star Wars‘ Chewbacca, for example.

Watch the dancing baby Groot scene in all its glory

If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, look away, because it does contain spoilers. On second that, maybe you deserve to be spoiled, since everybody should be watching

Michael Rooker thinks Guardians of the Galaxy is something the fans are going to go ape***t over when they see it!

Michael Rooker has done many projects in the past, however at present he’s well known as Merle Dixon, Daryl Dixon’s brother from The Walking Dead. His latest project that we’re all

Vin Diesel shares his thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy after watching the latest cut

There’s an embargo right now on any movie reviews pertaining to Guardians of the Galaxy, however it looks like our own Vin Diesel still wanted to share his personal feelings about

First poster for Guardians of the Galaxy revealed

Earlier today we were fortunate enough to get five featurettes showcasing each misfit member of the Guardians. Now the Guardians of the Galaxy media blitz continues as we get our first teaser

Guardians of the Galaxy featurettes shows you who the Guardians are

Have no idea just who the Guardians of the Galaxy are? Well Marvel is here to help you out. Today, hot off the buzz of the release of the trailer

Rocket Raccoon and Groot test footage!

We all know that the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer will be hitting the net in a couple days, but we are fortunate enough to show this. It’s the test

Looks like Vin Diesel just confirmed to do Groot’s motion capture

Vin Diesel is a busy busy man in Hollywood, and he’s getting ready to start work on Fast and the Furious 7. We do also know that he’ll be voicing

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