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Love, Simon Review

High school romantic comedies have been a staple of Hollywood for a long time now. As everyone rightfully focuses on equality in film, the LGBT community hasn’t been represented much

Pirates of the Caribbean’s Brenton Thwaites cast as Titan’s Nightwing

DC’s upcoming TV show Titans has finally cast its Nightwing. Brenton Thwaites, known for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, has been cast for the lead role of Dick

CW releases fall schedule for its Super Hero line-up

The CW continues to rise from the ashes bringing popular content back to television, with series like The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, and Supernatural. Also this coming this Fall are a few new

Victor Garber to join Flash/Supergirl musical crossover?

We all know the stars of Supergirl and The Flash both started on Fox’s Glee, and Jesse L. Martin (The Flash), Carlos Valdes (The Flash), and Jeremy Jordan (Supergirl) have also performed on Broadway.

How Greg Berlanti got approval for Superman in DCTV universe

For a long time people thought that The CW DCTV universe would only get C-rated and B-rated characters, but when The Flash joined up that changed everything. Because of the success

DC’s biggest crossover ever will be coming this fall on The CW

During a conference call with Variety, CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that there will another annual superhero crossover episode, but this time, it will be different. In probably the biggest crossover ever,

The Flash season 2 teaser really is a teaser

Check out the teaser for The Flash Season 2. (It really is a teaser.) The 20-second video has co-executive producers Greg Barlanti and Andrew Kriesberg talking briefly about what we

Supergirl will invest heavily in special effects

When it comes to superhero action, the movies are your best bet for some impressive visuals involving mighty heroes battling villains; for example, Superman vs. General Zod in Man of

The Flash and Supergirl pose for photo… will they cross over?

The Flash and Supergirl posed for a photo for the latest issue of Variety. We get to see Grant Gustin as the Scarlet Speeder and Melissa Benoist as the Girl

Dean Cain and Helen Slater join Supergirl series pilot

Greg Berlanti is the co-developer of The CW’s The Flash, and in that show, we got the ’90s Flash, John Wesley Shipp, to play Barry Allen’s father. Now it looks

Supergirl may cross over to Arrow and The Flash

Photo manip by Jeff Chapman Update: It seems like we may no longer see Supergirl crossing over with Arrow and The Flash. Greg Berlanti is the producer for both the

British model and actress, Gemma Atkinson, being eyed for Supergirl?

For many guys out there, they may recognize Gemma Atkinson from her sexy lingerie photos. She may get more reach if she does get this particular role. The beautiful British model

Supergirl could be in the Arrow and The Flash universe

Photo manip by jeffach CBS officially announced that it’s working on a Supergirl TV series with producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash). Even though Berlanti is working on the show, it was assumed that we

CBS’ Supergirl TV series is ready for casting

Art by Adam Hughes Greg Berlanti is a busy man. Not only is he taking care of producing Arrow and The Flash for The CW, but he’s also producing Supergirl

Supergirl is finally getting her own show on CBS

Art by Adam Hughes Arrow has been getting rave reviews as well as great ratings, which lead to DC Entertainment spinning off The Flash with his own show. Now Superman’s cousin will be joining the

Arrow producer responds to Liam Neeson wanting to be Ra’s al Ghul

Before the announcement of Matt Nable (Riddick) as Ra’s al Ghul in The CW’s Arrow, Liam Neeson said that he would be down to play the villain again on the TV show.

Is Supergirl going to be in the Arrow and Flash TV universe?

Photo manip by Jeff Chapman There was a rumor going around that producer Michael Green (Gotham, Smallville, Heroes) was working on the Supergirl series for DC Entertainment last week. We have some updated news on

Greg Berlanti talks Arrow season 2 at SDCC

October 9th will see the return of the CW’s hit TV show Arrow, which until now has been loosely based on DC’s The Green Arrow. Today Nerd Reactor is proud