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Is Katheryn Winnick teasing Black Canary announcement at SDCC 2017?

Is Katheryn Winnick teasing that she will be announced as the Black Canary this coming San Diego Comic-Con 2017? In a subtle but mysterious Instagram story, the Vikings actress talked

New Injustice 2 trailer teases epic storyline

Warner Bros. Interactive has released its newest trailer for the upcoming sequel, Injustice 2, titling the trailer as part of the video series “Shattered Alliances”. It has also revealed that Green

See Green Arrow with a goatee in new photos from Legends of Tomorrow

For fans of the Green Arrow comic book, the moment is almost here. He will be appearing in an upcoming episode, “Star City 2046,” of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with

SDCC 2015: Arrow season 4 will finally see Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

At this year’s DC Entertainment’s Super Hero Saturday Night panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Stephen Amell kicked it off by coming out in costume and giving his intro speech to the raucous

Amanda Pays reprises role on The Flash

THR has confirmed that Amanda Pays will be on the CW’s Flash to reprise her role from the original TV series that aired in 1990. Pays originally played Dr. Tina McGee in the old show.

Arrow gets a ‘movie’ trailer and season 2 development news

If you haven’t seen the “movie” trailer for the upcoming episodes of CW’s hit TV show, Arrow, you seriously need to get on it right away (see it below). Stephen Amell

The Flash episode of Arrow is filming on…

The Flash episode of Arrow is set to begin filming on September 30th on the CW. He’s planned to be on three episodes; the eight, ninth, and twentieth episode. “We’ll have to

Stephen Amell tweets Arrow season 2 trailer

Green Arrow fans will be excited to know that Stephen Amell tweeted the first trailer of Arrow Season 2. As many of you know, some of our favorite supporting characters

Summer Glau joins season 2 of Arrow

The CW’s Arrow just added a new character into season 2 – Isabel Rochev – played by Firefly‘s Summer Glau. Isabel Rochev – in the comic books – was a

Green Arrow revealed for Injustice roster

Green Arrow has been getting a surprising amount of attention lately. Not only is he getting his own series on the CW channel, titled Arrow, Entertainment Weekly revealed earlier this

First look at Deadshot for CW’s Arrow

With Arrow’s debut coming soon, we get two pictures of Deadshot and talks about two of the characters that will be facing against Oliver Queen. Deadshot will appear in an

The CW’s Arrow without the Green gets a new preview

Here’s a new preview for Arrow, an upcoming CW TV show loosely based on the Green Arrow. I say loosely because The CW changed his name from Green Arrow to

First look at the Green Arrow in CW’s Arrow

A picture was just released for The CW’s pilot ARROW featuring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, AKA Arrow. For those that wished that Justin Hartley, who played Green Arrow in

Smallville Season 11 to be released

DC will be continuing the Smallville series, however, this Smallville series will be continued not as a TV show, but as a comic book. Well, a digital comic book and

The CW Tries to Fill Smallville Void with Green Arrow Series

So we have said farewell to Tom Welling and Superman, and our hearts are filled with grief. Fear not, as the CW network is dangerously close to ordering a pilot