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GTA: San Andreas and Vice City characters will not be in GTA V

It doesn’t seem that long ago Claude Speed was escorting hookers through the first fully rendered 3D Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III. It would start the domino effect for many

Grand Theft Auto III Is Now on Android and iOS

Grand Theft Auto III, the game that created a widespread panic with clueless adults who think people were going to turn into murderers, is now available for the Android and

‘Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition’ Heads to Mobile Market December 15th

A few of the new generation iOS and Android device will be compatible with the Grand Theft III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition game next week on December 15, 2011. It’ll

‘Grand Theft Auto III 10th Anniversary’ Coming Soon for iOS and Android Devices

It’s the 10th anniversary for Grand Theft Auto III, and Rockstar Games will be releasing the GTAIII 10th Anniversary game for select iOS and Android devices on October 22, 2011.