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Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against GTA’s Rockstar is happening

Today is my birthday, and it also happens to be Lindsay Lohan’s birthday (a fact I’m not proud of). Well, it looks like one of us is getting our wish,

Grand Theft Auto 5 breaks $800 million in 24 hours

In a press release by Take-Two, the new installment of Grand Theft Auto V has made $800 million in 24 hours, and there will be more to come. This doubled the

Scan of GTA 5’s map leaked, it’s massive

The enormous (multi) game that is Grand Theft Auto 5 is almost upon us. September 17th looms around the corner, and more and more details are becoming known as fans

Preview Grand Theft Auto 5’s radio & TV stations, fitness lifestyle, and the cops of Los Santos

Rockstar has updated its site with some new sections for its Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors Travelogue that’ll allow you to preview the radio and TV stations from Grand Theft

GTA: San Andreas and Vice City characters will not be in GTA V

It doesn’t seem that long ago Claude Speed was escorting hookers through the first fully rendered 3D Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III. It would start the domino effect for many

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 competing with Wii Sports Resort?

From the look of these brand new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5, you would think that Rockstar had given up a life of crime, replacing said life with one