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Who will die before the season finale for Game of Thrones?

As the pace of Game of Thrones has picked up in this seventh season, it is inevitable that more and more players will be taken off the board in advance

HBO promotes the new season of Game of Thrones with a bloody Jon Snow

HBO recently released a promo photo of Jon Snow with blood either splattered on his face or coming from his eyes. The sixth season returns this April and seems to

Game of Thrones fans have chosen Valar Morghulis as their fourth beer!

  Every season, HBO’s Game of Thrones and Brewery Ommegang releases a beer in relation to the series. The past brews have been sold out within weeks and are still

Game of Thrones Season 4: Fire and Ice Foreshadowing (Dragons!)

Game of Thrones has just released onto their YouTube channel a 14-and-a-half-minute video foreshadowing the upcoming season from the cast and crew. Along with some spoilers are short interview questions