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Injustice 2 releases new Shattered Alliances trailer

A new Injustice trailer titled “Shattered Alliances part 4” has been released. It showcases the game’s storyline and follows Gorilla Grodd and his new Society of Super Villains. In this trailer,

See more Grodd in extended The Flash’s ‘Attack on Gorilla City’ trailer

The Flash will return next week with a new episode, “Attack on Gorilla City,” and fans can get excited with a newly released extended trailer. Earth 2’s Harrison Wells is

Gorilla Grodd returns to The Flash next week (images)

The CW has released a bunch of new The Flash photos for next week’s episode, “Gorilla Warfare.” Yeah, we get to see the return of Gorilla Grodd (if that title

Gorilla Grodd is coming to The Flash

Gorilla Grodd has been hinted at in the episodes of The Flash. We’ve seen Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) talk to Grodd and we even saw signs of Grodd escaping from

Gorilla Grodd will appear on The Flash

Geoff Johns has pretty much confirmed that Gorilla Grodds will appear in The Flash during his interview with Buzzfeed. He was very ecstatic talking about The Flash and what it can bring