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A Cure for Wellness Review

It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen Gore Verbinski direct a dark genre film. After all, he’s been busy directing the fun Pirates of the Caribbean films and other

Why is a movie about a cowboy and Native American costing so much money?

Disney’s The Lone Ranger has been dealing with budget issues since its start. It was delayed originally because the budget of $250 million was too high. The movie went back

Johnny Depp Gets Animated in Rango

It’s been a few years since Johnny Depp has done an animated movie. Actually, 5yrs to be exact, since Corpse Bride came out in 2005. But this movie is a

The Lone Ranger Gets a Director Out of Gore Verbinski

It’s now confirmed that the Lone Ranger film project has Gore Verbinski on board to direct. Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski were planning on a Lone Ranger movie after completing