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Google Glass for everyone…in the USA

The day is finally here. No you won’t need to attend a special conference or wake up before the sun is up; right now you can buy your very own

Is the Google Glass worth it?

By Michael Uribe Are you a lonely nerd looking to make a connection with another human being?  Well Google Glass may be a good start. I purchased my Glass during

Become a Google Glass Explorer on Tuesday, April 15

Up until now, it’s been very difficult for just anyone to get a pair of Google’s Explorer Glasses. Maybe you signed up during 2013 at the Google I/O conference, or

Google unveils 5 new games for Glass

More than likely you probably don’t own a Google Glass. Don’t beat yourself up, it just means you may not have heard about the new 5 mini-games Google have released

Siri hates ‘Her’ and Google Glass

Seems like Apple’s Siri is getting a little bit jealous of the attention of other artificial intelligence – even if it’s just a character in a movie. Siri – the

Google Glass will make photography creepy

Some photographers have a bad rep for being creepy. When the Google Glass comes out, be prepared for more creepiness everywhere. Grovo’s new parody video, “Google Glass Photographer”, shows you what will

Google Glass: Applications wanted! Now you can look like Geordi La Forge!

Google’s Project Glass has just issued out the Google Glass – A visor-like smartphone that you can interact with the internet via voice commands. It sits on your ears like