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Goku, Luffy and Naruto ‘wreak havoc’ at Tokyo Metro Station

Jump Force, the crossover fighting game featuring characters from Shonen Jump, was recently released. Players can choose to play as Dragon Ball Z’s Goku, Naruto, One Piece’s Luffy, Bleach’s Ichigo,

Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie review

Akira Toriyama has been working on the Dragon Ball series for quite a long time. As the creator, you’d think he would have his hands on everything that’s related to Dragon Ball. However, that’s

E3 2018: Jump Force gathers Dragon Ball, Naruto, Once Piece, Death Note

A new game by Bandai Namco Entertainment will have Shonen Jump stars from different manga in one game. A trailer shown during Microsoft’s E3 presentation shows Goku (Dragon Ball Z),

Adidas releasing Dragon Ball Z-inspired shoes this August

It’s time to rock the dragon in a whole new way. Rumors have been swirling around regarding Dragon Ball Z inspired shoes for quite some time. There have been many

Dragon Ball Super: Goku and Frieza team up?!

Last week, we reported on a leak that revealed Frieza’s betrayal in Dragon Ball Super. A plan was in place to lure Frieza to Universe 4, while a mysterious fighter

Goku vs Gohan in Dragon Ball Super

In the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super, we are teased with a match up between father and son. Gohan wants to test his limits against Goku at his best.

80 fighters in one match?! The Tournament of Power rules laid out in Dragon Ball Super

The third and final match of the Zen Exhibition match in Dragon Ball Super has concluded with Goku as the winner. However, an opportunity to save all the universes presented

The many transformations in Dragon Ball Super

Warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS! If you’ve been following the events of Dragon Ball Super, it is currently in the middle of the Black Goku saga. Throughout the series, from the beginning up

Goku takes on the Street Fighter II cast and destroys them

Dragon Ball Z has been around since the 1990s and its fandom has only increased since that decade. When I watched Goku take on all the bad guys in the

Goku Fights Frieza in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ clip

The wait is almost over. Frieza is alive and ready to exact his revenge against our favorite saiyan, Goku. Frieza’s first defeat at the hands of Goku left him in

Dragon Ball Super release date

Dragon Ball Super now has an official release date of July 5th and will be shown on Fuji TV. Unfortunately there’s no word yet on a North American release. This

New official look at Goku for Dragon Ball Super

A new Dragon Ball series is coming and it’s not a remake like Dragon Ball Z Kai was. The new series, titled Dragon Ball Super, is set to air this July.

New Dragon Ball anime series coming this summer

With the recent release of Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection of F and Battle of Gods, it seems that Dragon Ball creator Toriyama might want to take a break. But I

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F

Anime News Network has posted a teaser picture of a new Dragon Ball Z film in the January issue of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine. It shows the title of the upcoming

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods English trailer

A new English trailer is out for the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. In it they show the two new antagonists to the Dragon Ball Z world. The

Epic Rap Battles of History does Superman vs. Goku

The most popular vs. battle in the history of geekdom is about to meet the most epic of rap battles. Fans have been at war with each other to see who’s

Goku’s mother finally introduced in ‘Dragon Ball Minus’ manga

Dragon Ball is an iconic manga and anime that has recognizable characters that are known across the globe by many. From what we know from the anime and manga, Goku

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z bringing team battles worldwide in early 2014

The next installment of the Dragonball Z series features 4 on 4 battles, battles against giant enemies, and the best thing of all? You can play with or against your

J-Stars Victory VS trailer features Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, One Piece and more

J-Stars Victory Vs is a fighting video game that features characters from many Shonen Jump series. These characters are pretty big in the manga/anime universe and include Naruto from Naruto,

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods out next month

It’s been a while since the last Dragon Ball Z movie hit Japan (17 years to be exact). And it has been 10 years since that movie hit American soil.

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