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Fans successfully fund the Ghostbusters: The Board Game II Kickstarter campaign

Cryptozoic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products announced that the Kickstarter campaign for the follow-up to last years’ Ghostbusters: The Board Game has successfully been funded thanks to 4,385 backers. Ghostbusters: The

Ghostbusters board game did extremely well; sequel inevitable

There might be something strange in your neighborhood if you haven’t heard about the Ghostbusters Board game released last year. After a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised $1.5 million, the game launched

Fans recut Ghostbusters reboot trailer and it actually looks… good?

Since the trailer for the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters was released, it hasn’t exactly been met with a lot of praise. I think it’s fair to say that most people

The new Ghostbusters trailer is now out!

The trailer for the new all-female Ghostbusters film is now available. “30 years ago, four scientists saved New York. This summer, a new team will answer the call.” Does this

Ghostbusters’ ghost logo will be a villain in reboot movie?

A new Ghostbusters trailer will debut on March 3rd, but if you can’t wait that long for new updates, check out some new toy reveals from the reboot movie. During

New Ghostbusters photo and details on villains

Check out a new photo of the new Ghostbusters team in action. Here we see Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones walking next to a fire truck flipped

Ghostbusters, The Shawshank Redemption and Top Gun added to National Film Registry

Every year, 25 films are selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. On Thursday, acting Librarian of Congress David Mao announced the selections for

Here are the new female Ghostbusters in a new official photo

Who’s ready for an all-female Ghostbusters team? Sony Pictures has released a new image featuring the all-female Ghostbusters. The new team is made up of Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig,

Ghostbusters: The Board Game review

By Xchel Monroy One has to wonder if great movies can really make for a good board game. Well in this one, it sure has. The Ghostbusters board game from

Rick Moranis on why he isn’t in Ghostbusters reboot: role ‘makes no sense’

Many of the original cast of Ghostbusters have signed on to appear in the upcoming female-led Ghostbusters reboot, a movie that has many fans rolling their eyes because the original

Sigourney Weaver joins the Ghostbusters reboot

Sigourney Weaver appeared in the first two Ghostbusters movies, and now it has been officially announced by director Paul Feig that she’ll appear the Ghostbusters reboot starring an all-female team.

Ernie Hudson to make appearance in Ghostbusters reboot

Even though the new Ghostbusters movie will showcase a new cast of female characters, apparently we’ll still get to see some of the old gang. According to The Hollywood Reporter,

Bill Murray reveals why he decided to do Ghostbusters reboot cameo

Over the past month or so it has been revealed that original castmates Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray will be making cameo appearances in the new Ghostbusters reboot. The film

First look at Chris Hemsworth in costume on the set of Ghostbusters

Fresh from the set in Boston, Massachusetts, a new photo has surface of Chris Hemsworth in the new Paul Feig-directed Ghostbusters. Hemsworth is said to be the receptionist for the all-female

Sony dates 16 films including two ‘Bad Boys’ sequels, ‘Dark Tower,’ ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Uncharted’

Sony Pictures has unveiled plenty of release dates for the studio’s 2016 and 2017 slates. Among them are two Bad Boys sequels slated for 2017 and 2019 and a Christmas

Ivan Reitman says all-male Ghostbusters isn’t happening?

Screenwriter Drew Pearce talked about an all-male Ghostbusters movie and how it will be set in the Ghostbusters universe. When writing the script, he had Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum

The all-male Ghostbusters movie is happening says screenwriter

Apparently there are those who believe that an all-male Ghostbusters film isn’t in the works. Well, we have screenwriter Drew Pearce confirming that it is indeed happening, and it will

First Look at New Ghostbusters Uniforms

As anticipation for a reboot almost 30 years in the making, everyone is clamoring for more information about the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. And now it appears that an unofficial photo

Michael K. Williams joins Ghostbusters AND Assassin’s Creed

You may not recognize the name Michael K. Williams, but for those who have a friend who won’t shut up about The Wire and Boardwalk Empire (I am that friend),

#WhatYouGonnaWear: First look at Feig’s Ghostbusters uniforms

Director Paul Feig just released a photo of the uniforms for his upcoming film Ghostbusters starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. The famous jumpsuit has a