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Ghost – Blu-ray Review

For thirty years, Ghost has been ingrained in pop culture history due to its pottery scene and the film’s use of Unchained Melody. However, it’s the theme of “love will conquer all

Destiny 2 and Alexa give birth to Ghost speaker

This wasn’t something players were expecting. Amazon has given Alexa a new skill, involving the floating manifestation of your relationship with The Traveler! Yes, that’s right, you can speak to

Mysterious Campfire Tales #2: The Conduit

On this episode, MCT member Robert Galvan reveals some of many terrifying paranormal experiences that he has experienced throughout his life. Even after encountering numerous ghost over the years, to

Mysterious Campfire Tales #1: The Epilogue

For the first time NR is dipping into the world of the unknown. Join us as five of Nerd Reactor’s finest venture into the world of Paranormal discussing all things

Wayward Manor: Neil Gaiman’s video game debut

If you’re familiar with the name Neil Gaiman, chances are you’re familiar with his work in the world of comics (Sandman, Marvel:1602) and novels (American Gods, Coraline). If you like

J.J. Abrams will still produce Star Trek films

Lens flares everywhere! As you’ve heard big new was dropped today. In fact, this maybe the biggest moment in geekdom and all things that are nerdy. J.J. Abrams will the

Modern Warfare 3, Now Starring Ghost

Are you sad about what happened to Ghost in Modern Warfare 2? Do you wish that he was in Modern Warfare 3 somehow? We have good news for you then.

Modern War Gear Solid Part 4: Snake vs. Master Chief

Here’s part 4 of Modern War Gear Solid, an action/parody of Metal Gear and Modern Warfare. Snake and Ghost are at it again with the continuing saga to stop Activistsun