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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta is not what Ghost Recon fans wanted

Ghost Recon Breakpoint had a closed beta over the weekend, and we had the chance to experience the tactical shooter. Let’s begin by saying that this is based on the

Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer and co-op stealth and action gameplay walkthrough

During the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference, a new trailer and gameplay walkthrough video were shown featuring co-op stealth and action gameplay mechanics. The voice acting in the gameplay video needs

Ghost Recon is the next to join Ubisoft’s movie lineup

Above image is from Ghost Recon Alpha. As I’m reading more news about how Ubisoft is doing everything right in shaping their future movies from their video game properties, I’m

Ubisoft: A future in Hollywood

As Ubisoft has previously stated, a subsidiary of theirs has now began producing movies based on the franchises we know and love. The first of which will be based on

Ghost Recon Online Free-to-Play Beta Starts This Summer

Ubisoft has decided to make a free-to-play spin-off of one of its most well-known titles, simply named Ghost Recon Online. There aren’t any details regarding in-game advertisements, equipment, or ammo

Ubisoft Has Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon Movies for You

Since its initial launch earlier this year, Ubisoft’s motion picture department is not wasting any time in getting some of their biggest franchises onto the silver screen. 3D feature movies

Ghost Recon Alpha Teaser Trailer

The Ghost Recon series will be hitting their 10 year benchmark next year, so Ubisoft decided to create a 20 minute live-action short film set to release prior to their