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Review: The Genius DeathTaker, Imperator and GX-Speed White Edition

White peripherals have always been extremely rare in the gaming scene for a few reasons. First and foremost is that they usually won’t match the majority of builds out there. Secondly, they

Genius F-1000 Arcade Stick Review

Genius enters the arcade stick market with its first home controller intriguingly named the F-1000. At a price tag of $60, F-1000 sits in the entry-level range of home arcade

Review: The Genius Gila, a monster among mice

Genius isn’t exactly a household name in the gaming peripherals department. Nonetheless, they have created a reputation for themselves quickly and with brutal force. The Gila, Genius’ new premiere gaming mouse

Review – Genius Blue Tooth Headset

The Genius HS-905 BT is a cool concept piece of hardware. It turns your typical ear-bud headphones into a cordless one with synced hardware peripherals like the iPhone4S, Android O.S,