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Season finale of Geeks Who Drink will air October 1st on Syfy

On the season finale of Geeks Who Drink, host and executive producer Zachary Levi hopes to end the exciting and original first season with a bang! We’ll get to see actress and

This week’s Geeks Who Drink features Andrew Daly and Matthew MacCaull

In this week’s episode, host Zachary Levi has Matthew MacCaull from Tomorrowland and iZombie with his trivia team“Beer the Reaper,” taking on Andrew Daly from Aqua Teen Hunger force, Review, Eastbound and Down (and pretty

Harold Perrineau and Zachary Knighton featured on this week’s Geeks Who Drink!

On this week’s Geeks Who Drink, Harold Perrineau from Lost, The Matrix, and Constantine is the celebrity captain for his team “Les Quizerables,” as they go up against Zachary Knighton from Happy Endings, Flash Forward, and Parenthood with

This week’s Geeks Who Drink features Dominic Monaghan, Rob Kazinsky and Yvonne Strahovski

This week’s episode of Geeks Who Drink features Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) and his trivia team “Lost Island Iced Teas” as they face off against Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim)

This weeks Geeks Who Drink featuring Jonathan Sadowski and Lenny Jacobson

This weeks episode of Geeks Who Drink features Jonathan Sadowski from ABC Family’s Young & Hungry and his trivia team “Light Sobers” as they face off against Lenny Jacobson from Comedy Central’s Big

This week’s Geeks Who Drink to feature Silicon Valley’s Josh Brener and Grey Damon from Aquarius

This weeks Geeks Who Drink looks to be the most fun episode so far. Zachary Levi hosts as Josh Brener (Silicon Valley) and his team “Down & Nerdy” compete against

This week’s Geeks Who Drink to feature Felicia Day and Dexter Darden

Photo by Carol Kaelson/Syfy Geeks Who Drink has really made an impact on the nerd community by bringing two things that geeks love: alcohol and trivia. This week’s episode, Zachary

The Hunger Games’ Wes Chatham on tonight’s Reactor on Syfy

Tonights episode of Syfy’s Reactor features an interview with Wes Chatham, who is known for the upcoming Syfy original series The Expanse and as Castor in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and 2).

Geeks Who Drink episode 2 with Alan Tudyk and iJustine airs tonight

Tonight at 11pm, Syfy is featuring the second episode of their hit geeky game show Geeks Who Drink, an original game show hosted and executive produced by Levi and based on

Geeks Who Drink (TV show review)

Photo: Carol Kaelson/Syfy I am always a bit apprehensive whenever I hear about a new so called “geek” themed show or movie. After living most of my life thinking that

Geeks Who Drink: Now casting for their new show

SyFy’s new weekly game show Geeks Who Drink are now accepting applications to appear on the show. Based on the nationwide pub trivia contest of the same name, the show

Zachary Levi & Nerd Marchine to produce Syfy game show ‘Geeks Who Drink’

Syfy has officially announced today that Zachary Levi will be the host and executive producer of the game show Geeks Who Drink. With the help of his company, The Nerd Machine, it will