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Geek Cred, the comedy for comic fans, season finale is online

Geek Cred, the comedy series for comic nerds, is finally on its last episode of the season. In the fifth episode, Spencer bans Ben from the store because of his

Geek Cred Episode 3 – ‘To Hoth or Hoth Not’

The more I watch Geek Cred, the more I’m reminded of Kevin Smith’s Clerks. Employees dealing with daily drama while talking Star Wars and comics…and that’s not a bad thing. Check out

Geek Cred comedy series debuts first episode

The first episode of Geek Cred, the comedy series about comic book employees, is finally here. In this episode, watch as the gang argues about why Wonder Woman dresses in

Kickstarter: Geek Cred, a comedy series for comic book fans

Football fans have The League and gamers have The Guild, but what about comic book fans? Sure, we have reality shows like Comic Book Men, but what if we wanted

Geek Cred, an upcoming comedy series about comic book fans

Sports fans have The League, gamers have The Guild, and office workers have…The Office. But what about the comic book fan? There will be an Indiegogo campaign that will launch