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It’s time for war! Total War: Warhammer Edition first impressions

Total War is back and ready to drum up more conflict than ever before with the upcoming title Total War: WARHAMMER. For those that have yet to get their feet

GDC 2016: Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine will make you feel like a Jedi

I’m literally one of the biggest Star Wars fans on the planet; I even have tattoos to prove it. So when Unreal and Epic Games asked us to check out

GDC 2016: Raw Data – multiplayer VR combat first impressions

VR seems to be the new technological platform that gaming will be on. So far, there’s been so many great games, but the one thing that feels lacking, is multiplayer.

GDC 2016: Thunderbird brings on some Myst nostalgia

I’ve always been a long-time fan of puzzle games, ever since playing Myst on PC years ago. It would only be natural that I’d play the next evolution of this

GDC 2016: Galactic Junk League first impressions

In a post-apocalyptic desolate universe, the only fun that can be found is fighting and destroying others in savage junk arenas with a wide array of weapons ranging from advanced beam

GDC 2016: Morning Men first impressions

Morning Men is one of those games that definitely stands out from the pack after playing a weeks worth of games at GDC. It’s an episodic, turn-based RPG that forces

GDC 2016: CoLab first impressions

CoLab is a VR puzzle solver set in a virtual labyrinth coming soon to anyone who owns any of the following: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or the Samsung Gear VR.

GDC 2016: Mirage Arcane Warfare first impressions

Following up on their popular title, Chivalry, the team at Torn Banner Studios is now developing Mirage: Arcane Warfare. As you might suspect from the title, the newest game takes

GDC 2016: Song of the Deep first impressions

The brilliant and creative minds at Insomniac Games are creating a new IP titled Song of the Deep. It plays unlike any of their main franchises that they are known