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G430 7.1 Logitech Surround Sound Gaming Headset review

Logitech spans in a large variety appliances from gaming mice, keyboards, controllers, and headsets. I have to say, there aren’t too many gaming headsets that completely blow me away, but

A.M.D at E3 2013. Rise of the A.P.U.

“A.M.D’s presence at E3 2013, in short, can be conveniently summarized using the company’s own acronym. All Machines Dominated.” Video games aren’t the only attraction on the Holy show-floors of

Does removing DRM and always online from the Xbox One fix the problem?

It’s official. Microsoft has decided to do away with the need to “connect online at least once every 24 hours” and making it impossible to trade or let your friends

PS4 online multiplayer requires PS Plus service

It might have been something you missed if you watched the press conference since you were excited about the console reveal and game line ups, but it has been confirmed

SW-G5.1 3500 Surround Sound Speaker System

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a sound system. My last sound system was a Logitech one that I bought more than five years ago. It was a

Oblanc NC2-4 UFO Headset review

Remember that hilarious parody of the THX intro that the Simpsons did? Ever heard it in 5.1 on a really good headset? I will tell you right now for the

Genius Cavimanus Gaming Headset Review

Gaming is an art, a combination of amazing visuals and sounds that help bring together some of the best games for you to play for hours on end. For PCs,

My Pet Monsters invades your iOS

Growing up as a kid, there were a lot of monster toys where you could raise your own monster you could play with. There were a few handheld games/electronics that

CES: Monster taking music to a different level

Monster has always been in the forefront of the music scene when it comes to accessories; for example, manufacturing Beats by Dre. While both companies have gone their separate ways, Monster

CES: Gunnar Optiks bringing you true colors to your art and photos

When it comes to gaming, the setup is one of the key components to optimizing your experience, whether it’s the console, rig, monitors, or surround sound. There is another important

CES: Turtle Beach bringing it to Major League Gaming with new peripherals

Turtle beach is well known in the gaming community for gaming headsets. It has a vast set of options which includes wireless and wired headsets made for multiple consoles and

Wii U’s mandatory install here to stay until 2013

That pesky day-one 5GB install that you have to download when first starting the Wii U is going to be around until early 2013. Currently Nintendo head Reggie Fils-Aime has announced

With the Wii U in shortage, here are some tips to grab one

Earlier it was reported that the Wii U would be in short supply, and if you didn’t learn from the Wii’s original release, the item is selling like hotcakes. Many

LG Gaming Cinema 3D

The 3D Film Festival was a week long event that celebrated all things 3D. The Regal Cinemas in Downtown Los Angeles showcased 3D movies that included my personal favorite, Night

Square Enix debuts Core Online

Core Online is a new online service that allows play high-definition games in your browser for free, with no need to install anything.The service is currently in Beta but can be

OnLive bankrupt

A few days ago you might have heard this small story that quickly became a reality. OnLive, the cloud-based gaming company, ran out of capital. Its CEO Steve Perlman has

Girls and Gaming and Girls on Gaming

Now before I begin, this article is about presenting the fact that there are a variety of girls that are into gaming now. Why is that? I was intrigued by

E3 2012: GAEMS launches the new G155 Sentry

In 2011 when the Microsoft store had a series of launch events, I first came to see the the G155 during the Call of Duty Modern Warfare event. It looks

E3 2012: Nvidia’s Grid changes the face of cloud gaming

Never install again. Sound too good to be true? Well Nvidia doesn’t seem to think so and has recently announced its partnership with Samsung and Gaikai to take cloud-based platform

Anime Expo announces Jessica Nigri, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Ryo Horikawa and Rikiya Koyama as 2012 Guest of Honors

It’s now less than a month away from Anime Expo and they’ve decided to save their big GoH announcements until today on their AX live show. This obviously has caused