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SteelSeries Rival 500 Gaming Mouse (review)

I have been a fan of SteelSeries for a while now. My go-to mouse at the moment is the Rival 700 that I previously reviewed and I love my Siberia

Review: The SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse

Walking down the gaming aisles at my local electronics store, I can’t help but notice that the peripherals that are on the market today all seem to look the same.

Mionix Castor Gaming Mouse (review)

The newest gaming mouse from Mionix, the Castor, is an ergonomic, rubberized, multi-colored thing of beauty. From the 6-button layout to the easy to use software, this may be one

Corsair unveils a trio of sexy gaming peripherals

Corsair is continuing its trend of producing high-end gaming peripherals that are capable of throwing down with any other company on the market. As we have seen with the sails logo

Review: Logitech G400S Optical Gaming mouse

When we got the chance to review a mouse from Logitech, I jumped at the chance. I have used Logitech keyboards and mice for my PC gaming, but never a

Review: Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse, So close!

“Logitech has and will always create products which can outlast just about any competitor on the market.” The first mouse I ever owned was a Logitech standard ball mouse. I

Review: Steelseries Sensei, The Master Has Arrived

I am in love. That is my first reaction upon using this mouse. Steelseries has truly outdone itself this time with the Sensei, the newest in professional gaming mice. But

The Razer Naga: In Depth Review

Over the years, Razer has become a household name among PC gamers. With everything from keyboards to headphones , Razer has been releasing products that can not only enhance the