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Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Review

The fourth season of Game of Thrones is considered by many to be the one of, if not, the best season ever. This season finally showed the villains getting the

Icelandic ‘Mountain’ Vodka presents ‘A Day with Halfthor’

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, most famous for his portrayal as Ser Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain on Game of Thrones, is now the spokesperson for the Icelandic – wait for it

HBO’s Game of Thrones begins production this summer

HBO’s Game of Thrones will begin production on its seventh season this summer in Northern Ireland, Spain, and Iceland. HBO released a statement from HBO president of programming Casey Bloys,

SDCC 2016: Game of Thrones hosts scavenger hunt for fans

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming interest in the Game of Thrones Comic Con Scavenger Hunt announced earlier today, the process of selecting winners is being modified. Fans will now have

Game of Thrones’ season 7 to be delayed?

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is over, and it’s going to be some time until fans get to see Daenerys Targaryen try to take over Westeros with the help

Check out this limited edition Game of Thrones Xbox One Console

It’s beautiful… impractical, but still beautiful. Xbox and Warner France/HBO have created this limited edition Game of Thrones-themed console, shaped as that sphere globe in the title sequence, to be

Maisie Williams brilliantly shuts down thoughtless headline

Yesterday the Daily Mail posted an article about our fearless Arya Stark with the headline “Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams goes braless in sheer lace dress and quirky and headpiece

Game of Throne’s Hodor doorstop being funded on Kickstarter

Spoilers ahead: Recently, Game of Thrones lost one of its most beloved characters in the last few minutes of the fifth episode of the season titled, The Door. In a

Conan’s Clueless Gamer features Game of Thrones cast playing Overwatch

One of our favorite TV segments, Clueless Gamer on the Conan show, is back at it again. Tonight’s episode features Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage reviewing the

Bran’s visions of the past haunt him in Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 5 ‘The Door’

Spoilers ahead! Hold the door indeed… I apologize for everything negative I ever said about Bran’s storyline. This week’s episode of Game of Thrones “The Door” showed us two things. 1) Bran’s storyline,

George R. R. Martin releases new chapter preview from ‘The Winds of Winter’

HBO’s Game of Thrones is now ahead of George R. R. Martin’s books, and that means everyone is in the dark when it comes to surprises on the show. However,

Game of Thrones ‘Oathbreaker’ episode further teases popular fan theory

In last night’s episode, Bran’s visions into the past take us back to the day when Ned Stark, Howland Reed, and other men rode to the Tower of Joy in

The Starks are on the move in Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3 (review)

So it appears that New Jon is just as brooding as Jon Classic, but now with 100% less cloak. Yes, Jon Snow has returned to the world of the living,

Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington is SORRY, guys

Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2 “Home” After last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, Kit Harington apologizes for lying to his fans. During interviews promoting season

Let’s talk Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2

Warning: Spoilers Ahead C’mon now, you didn’t really think John Snow was really gone for good, did you?  In the “surprise” that surprised literally no one, Jon Snow is back.

Game of Thrones premiere had huge effect on porn consumption

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows on television, and it has affected the world in many ways. One of the sites being affected was PornHub, a popular

Tyrion Lannister beats out several presidential candidates in recent poll

As a few of you may know, there’s this presidential race in progress. Most likely, it’s the craziest race we’ve ever seen, and may ever see. I can’t speak for

Jon Snow’s fate is revealed in Game of Thrones season premiere

He’s dead, Jim… Yes, contrary to what you might have read on various Game of Thrones blogs, or Kit Harrington Haircut-watch Tumblr pages, Jon Snow is really, truly dead. Picking

HBO’s Game of Thrones episode descriptions are completely vague

HBO sent out a press release for the next two episodes ‘Home’ and ‘Oathbreaker’. Usually, episode descriptions give us some sort of direction the characters are going, but nope! Not

A retrospective look at Game of Thrones Season 1-5

It has been a year-long wait for the premiere for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and now finally, it’s nipping at our heels. With so much going on, it