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Galaxy Quest – Steelbook Blu-ray Review

Galaxy Quest is a film that could’ve been bad. The idea of washed-up sci-fi television actors has to play their roles for real to save an alien race. The idea

In honor of The Shape of Water’s fish loving, here’s more weird sci-fi smash

By A. Lynne Rush Let’s face it: questionable sex exists. It’s why we have things like protection, STD testing, and the walk of shame. Sometimes it leads to adventure and romance,

My adoration for Alan Rickman lives in a parody

With the sudden passing of veteran actor Alan Rickman late last week, many people were inspired to watch their favorite performance of his over the weekend. For some, it was

Want a Galaxy Quest convention? We do!

We could make this happen! Fans are coming together to petition the studios, cast, and crew to allow and be part of a convention honoring the 1999 film Galaxy Quest.