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Goodbye G4, I shall not be watching you again

Long before Nerd Reactor, there was a television station that focused on not just gaming but also technology known as G4. It started back in 2005, and I have watched

G4 canceling X Play and Attack of the Show

As the figureheads that are in charge of the makeover of G4 continue their work, they have added the axing of the longest running shows the channel has to offer,

DirectTV Drops G4

Are you a fan of the TV shows Ninja Warrior, X Play, or were you one of the millions of fans who tuned into Attack of the Show to watch

4 New Marvel Anime Series Comes to G4 in 2011

G4 will be airing four U.S. exclusive anime series featuring some of Marvels top stars. All of the series will be produced by Madhouse for Marvel Entertainment and Sony Pictures