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Cyanide and Happiness – The Adventures of Lunk

For those of you who have played many RPGs, tell me if this sounds familiar: Lots of dialogue you can’t skip and annoying NPCs that make you wish you could

Throwback ‘Thorsday’: Hostess Comic Ads

The first comics I ever laid my hands on belonged to my mom. This “collection”, if you can call it that, sat in a cardboard box in the back of her

To defeat Dark Souls, you must first become one

Ever wonder what it would be like to act as one of the mindless (yet disturbingly annoying) enemies in Dark Souls 2? Well, Youtube user GuardianHX has figured out a

Mars Rover drew a wiener on Mars

And they say robots don’t have a sense of humor. Take a real good look at that. Let it be burned into your retinas for a while. Apparently some time

A new hilarious League of Legends YouTuber emerges

There is nothing more I enjoy than ending my day with a nice cup of Earl Grey hot, some pastries, and a good laugh before hitting the sack. As for the

Zombie Cat book review

If my time on the internet has taught me anything it’s that the online community has an unfaltering love for two things: funny cats and zombies. And whenever two things

Celebrate Zelda’s 25th Anniversary

Today The Legend of Zelda series celebrates its 25th anniversary. What better way could we celebrate Zelda than to play it and appreciate how good its been for all these